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Welcome to ICCUT 2016

Institute of Institutional Industrial Research, one of the fastest growing research societies in India, announces International Conference on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies 2016 on 24th-25th December 2016. ICCUT-2016 focuses on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies applied in the broad areas of engineering and explores their applications.

ICCUT-2016 is a multidisplicinary conference organized with the objective of bringing together academic scientists, professors, research scholars and students working in the computer science & engineering. The conference will provide the authors and listeners with opportunities for national and international collaboration and networking among universities and institutions from India and abroad for promoting research and developing technologies. This conference aims to promote translation of basic research into institutional and industrial research and convert applied investigation into real time application. This conference will also create awareness about the importance of basic scientific research in different fields and matching this with the product market. Invited and selected speakers will present research reports, followed by open discussion.

IIIR is going to organize International Conference on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies 2016 on 24th-25th December 2016. It beholds the pathway to explore new technologies, understand their impacts on various engineering fields and uncover the future road map of the industry. The main purpose of this e-Conference allows participants to do most of the things they'd be able to do in a physical conference without having everybody in the same place at the same time. 

Steps of Web conferencing Portal

The Schedule of the registered paper will be notified. The registered authors will get the email regarding schedule. In this email the registered author will received details of web conferencing portal.

The web confereincing portal consists of the procedure to present the registed papers. The link of the this portal will be emailed to the registered authors. The steps of presenting the paper is very easy. With given details you are required to loin the portal as the Registered member. There are various facilities availble like Share Screen, Chat, Raise the doubts, Private Chat and share webcam