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Welcome to ICCUT 2016

Institute of Institutional Industrial Research, one of the fastest growing research societies in India, announces International Conference on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies 2016 on 24th-25th December 2016. ICCUT-2016 focuses on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies applied in the broad areas of engineering and explores their applications.

ICCUT-2016 is a multidisplicinary conference organized with the objective of bringing together academic scientists, professors, research scholars and students working in the computer science & engineering. The conference will provide the authors and listeners with opportunities for national and international collaboration and networking among universities and institutions from India and abroad for promoting research and developing technologies. This conference aims to promote translation of basic research into institutional and industrial research and convert applied investigation into real time application. This conference will also create awareness about the importance of basic scientific research in different fields and matching this with the product market. Invited and selected speakers will present research reports, followed by open discussion.

IIIR is going to organize International Conference on Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies 2016 on 24th-25th December 2016. It beholds the pathway to explore new technologies, understand their impacts on various engineering fields and uncover the future road map of the industry. The main purpose of this e-Conference allows participants to do most of the things they'd be able to do in a physical conference without having everybody in the same place at the same time. 

Article Preparation

The manuscript should be prepared in ICRTIIR 2017 format using MS WORD and/or LaTeX template available respectively in MS word (.doc) , and LaTeX. The MS Word Template (in A4 size and the IEEE two-column format) can be downloaded here (the docx file and its pdf file). The copyright form is available for download here.

The guidelines given here may help you to prepare the manuscript. Preferable format of manuscript is throgh LaTeX. These templates and guidelines can also be found in publisher’s homepage (link here) by clicking on ‘Instructions for Authors’ section.

The figures / graphs / plots in the manuscript MUST be of good resolution (600 dpi or more), tables MUST NOT be in pictorial format. Text in figures should not be too small, and preferably of equal size as text of the article.

Figures, text, or the tables MUST be visible within boundary of the text area of the page and MUST NOT go beyond it.

Do NOT use any Social / Academic titles (e.g. Mr.,Ms.,Dr.,Prof. etc) preceding the author names. Do NOT mention the position of a person (e.g., research scholar, student, assistant professor, professor, IEEE member, IEEE student member etc.) in the affiliation.

Mention full address, affiliation, and email of ALL authors, specify a corresponding author with the corresponding e-mail ID. [Once an article is accepted, the publisher will send the proofreading of article to this e-mail]

Do not make any page numbering and do not give any running head title. Articles must be written in spell checked and grammatically correct English.

Every article must bear a self-composed independent single paragraph as Abstract, which MUST NOT bear any citation or reference. Abstract MUST not have a section number

The articles should be own work of the authors. If any work is referred from others (or some other work by the author), proper acknowledgement should be given. Plagiarism of any type, if detected, will lead to rejection of the articles anytime.

Publication Charges

Every accepted articles should be registered by at least one author to appear in the proceedings of the conference. The acceptance list of articles will be announced in website and the authors will be intimated regarding the acceptance through e-mail.

Indian Author
Foreign Author
Students# INR 1000 US $ 50
Academicians INR 1500 US $ 60
Industry INR 3000 US $ 70

To avail student registration, the first or second author of the article MUST be a student enrolled in a full-time course under an institution with recognition. The author must submit the scanned copy of proof of studentship.